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This research work was design to determine and focused on the impact of motivation on workers’ productivity in an organization of Federal Polytechnic Library Nasarawa, the population of the study was (250), and the sample used is (100). The primary data were collected through the instrument of questionnaire, interviews, and observation. The secondary data were collected from textbooks, journals, magazines, newspapers and online research. The researcher found out that employee can improve their performance if they are motivated in the work place. The research revealed that there is relationship between motivation and performance in the organization. The project work is segmented into five chapters. Chapter one studies the background to the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, significance of the study, scope and limitations of the study, definition of terms. Chapter two review some related literature, Chapter three is the research methodology while chapter four is the data presentation and analysis. Chapter five is the summary, conclusion and recommendations of the researcher.

Keywords: Impact, Motivation, Workers, Productivity, Organization





The need to improve or enhance productivity has been the primary objective of any establishment whether such an organization is profit oriented or government organization. The human resource of an enterprise is a variable factor in the production of goods and services for the public. The variable factors need to be motivated and organized and induced as a hymen element in the application of fixed factors (material resources) by the management of the organization to achieve maximum productivity, it is a fact that every human being has talent, skills, knowledge and institution which need to be magnified mobilize induced harmonized collectivity with those of other individuals in the organizations in other to achieve high productivity. Unless this is achieved or done human resources engage or employed in the establishment is checked to be adequately utilized. When there is inadequate or improper utilization of the human resources employed in an organization maximized (ultimate goal) cannot be achieved by the management of that organization, this is because as human resources are left dormant, the material resource also will be underutilized. To effectively induced mobilized and harmonized the tablemat human skill, knowledge and institution and  effective productivity proper or relevant strategies should be involved and applied to the personnel of the organization to have the direct positive impact on the works, the education and application of the strategies be carried out by the employers who must put in to consideration the social economics and physical psychotically perspective of the employees both as a group and as individuals. This means that for the application of the strategy to have the direct result the employees must take cognizance of the volatile human values the unpredictability of human nature the individuality of the employees and the group or groups in the organization to evolve any strategy or strategies to be effectively applied to the achieve the desired productivity the concept of human relations has to be brought into practice whereby subordinate and superior or supervisor  have to build and develop a cordial working relationship the attainment of individual goals the responsibility of the individual to the organization specification of the organization object or goals and those of the individual or group in the organization etc. all have to be properly articulated, analyzed and harmonized to the understanding of the parties (employees and the employers concerned).



The most valuable asset in the human organization is the personnel of the organization.

This human asset needs to be improved upon in order to enhance the overall productivity of the executive class of all this asset on the executive calls of organization to attain maximized productivity there is a generally noticeable poor attitude to work by employees in area of:

                                            i.            Lateness to work

                                          ii.            Early closure from work

                                        iii.            Persistent absenteeism

                                        iv.            Lack of discipline

                                          v.            Lack of commitment to duty

                                        vi.            Insubordination to constituted authority

It is envisaged that there is lack of poor remunerating, poor and unfair treatment of employees pervading in the public sector of the Nigeria economic generally. This in turn has led to the total loss of interest on the employees and therefore poor input, low morale and commitment and as a result, poor total output. This therefore has lead this researcher into finding out the strategies for improving productivity in the study area.

1.2              OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The objective of this research is listed below.

1.      To discover various strategies for improving employee’s productivity in the organization.

2.      To examine the various forms of motivation police of the organization.

3.      Examine how conductive the working atmosphere of organizer.

4.      To determine if motivation is the main reason for high productivity.

5.      To provide adequate safety measure and composition for the employee.




1.3              RESEARCH QUESTIONS

In looking at the impact of motivation on workers’ productivity in an organization, the following questions were formulated:

                                i.            What are the various impact of motivation on worker productivity?

                              ii.            What are the various forms of motivation?

                            iii.            Is motivation the main reason for high productivity?

                            iv.            Examine the case of low productivity?

                              v.            Identify the effect of low productivity in an organization?


The project will assist in solving the problem of motivation on workers’ productivity in Federal Polytechnic Library Nasarawa.

The study will result in the production of report which will include; findings, conclusion and recommendation for implementation in order to achieve organizational advancement of self-sustenance and check the institution particularly in the nation generally.

 It also serves as the source of knowledge to other students who will take research into the role of motivation to employees of labour. The study will also proffer solution to major industrial dispute which arises due to low productivity and low performance,it will assist the circular planners, in order to redesign their course content inductive of motivation as a broad subject area in business administration and management studies, manager or management experts and confidents will find the report very useful in their use of motivation as a strategy to induce workers or employees to peak performance when offering their constantly services or professional advice. The study will also provide a foundation through which other research on motivation and workers’ productivity will be conducted. The research will also reduce to the barest minimum industrial dispute being experienced in our society. The study will also contribute to the socio-economic political development of Nigeria, because it will increase the productivity of the employees and generally affect the upliftment of the national productivity sector. The study will generally contribute in the academic.



The area of coverage of this study is the Federal Polytechnic Library Nasarawa. This study area was chosen among others because it hasdifferent categories and classes of employees such categories of staff with varying view interest are;

(a)   The academic staff category

(b)   The non-academic staff category

In the institution there also exist the technical and administrative executives, clerical class to facilitate adequate collection or supply of data of the study. The institution has a population of above one thousand (1000) staff members in its employment. This figure is divided amongst the various department section and unit both academic and non-academic. From among those department or section or unit a few samples of the staff population was taken for the study. The study was limited to the Federal Polytechnic Library Nasarawa because of time factor, financial factor, financial problem etc. which hindered coverage of the study.


The following definitions are giving with work there are:

Motivation: Act of giving and incentive to someone or a group of persons in order to induce a behavior or attitude. It also refers to what stimulates and guides human behaviors and how these behaviors are sustained to attain a specific goal.

Worker: A person engage or employee in a service or organization for wages

Productivity: A summary measure of the quantity and quality of work performance, with resource deployment taken into account. It can be measured at individual, group or organizational levels. To make something good or become better productivity power of being productive, increase in efficiency and the rate at which goods are produces.

Organization: An organize body of person with a common objective concept.




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